.NET Model/View for Ruby

This project aims to provide a controller and a view similar to Rail's base controller and view, but using .Net as a rich client platform. There were many reasons why I chose .NET for this:

  • .NET provides native form controls support for windows, providing a fast performance.
  • The visual editors for .NET forms are really easy to use. Take for example SharpDevelop's.
  • The View logic can take advantage of the rich .NET framework, allowing Ruby users to use exotic windows controls.


The svn trunk now includes another example called BibleNetTest. The example helps the user read the entire Bible or look up or search for specific verses. A menu shows in the top, where the user can select any of the verses from the Roman's Road to Heaven. The Bible text is in KJV English and was downloaded from the Internet.

Huge improvements has been made to the controller. Check the source for more information.screenshoot from the newest example
A new system for view and controller values handles communication between the .NET view and the Ruby controller. You may download ir here.


This project requires the DotNet bridge that you can find at http://www.saltypickle.com/RubyDotNet.

Help is needed. Please contact me if you are interested in joining.

Team Members

Juan Pablo Tarquino